General Community Opportunities

** HCOS does not endorse these activities but is for information of things happening in the community for parent reference only.




Kamloops Wildlife Park- volunteer opportunities




ARPA Canada Fall Tour

Cloverdale Canadian Reformed Church   17473 60 Ave, Surrey BC

Thursday Oct. 13, 2016  at 7:30
Transgenderism, porn and our culture of death - join us as we explore our calling as Christians to witness to God's Word in the public square, even in the face of troubling times. ARPA Canada’s André Schutten and Colin Postma will educate, equip and encourage you as they share what we are doing to proactively address the difficult and pressing issues of transgenderism, pornography, palliative care and the lack of protections for our pre-born neighbours with a compassionate and truthful response, and invite you to get involved. While there are mature themes in this presentation, we have made every effort to make it appropriate for teenagers and above. For more information, email the tour coordinator Niki Pennings at or visit the website:  or

This page is a central database of community opportunities that families might like to investigate. We are not endorsing these opportunities, but rather sharing information as to possible resources available. Thank you.

Langley Home Educators Association (Support Group)

Summer Brain Booster Camps

Brain Booster Day Camps: Our half day camps include a broad range of academic enrichment activities aimed at combating the two month learning gap. Each day will bring a balanced blend of online learning, recreational and social experiences.  

West Coast Centre for Learning Camp is structured with three very specific approaches:

Academic - Our summer school curriculum includes Scientific Learning product – Fast ForWord with interventions targeting remediation that focuses on strengthening the areas of the brain your child needs most. Fast ForWord® software develops brain processing efficiency through intensive, adaptive exercises which strengthen the cognitive skills essential for learning.

Recreational - Crossing the midline of your body helps build pathways in the brain and is an important prerequisite skill required for the appropriate development of various motor and cognitive skills. Children who have difficultly crossing the body’s midline often have trouble with skills such as reading, writing, completing self care skills and participating in sports & physical activities. To help develop efficient crossing of the midline, build more pathways in the brain, improve coordination, and improve overall functional performance on a daily basis our campers participate in “brain teaser” exercises taught by an accredited physical education specialist who understands the importance of developing bilateral skills.

Social - Our offline training encourages students to interact through table top and software intervention games taught by our Cognitive Fitness Coaches and are further supported by a Brain Booster Learning Centre, where campers can utilize hands on tools to boost and support summer learning.


 Children between the ages of 6 and 12 years are eligible for enrolment in our inclusive and diverse educational environment 

 Camp Dates:

 Camp 1         July 4-8

Camp 2         July 11-15

Camp 3         August 15-19


Please see attached flyer for more information.

Hour of Code:

For information -

Cybersafe BC

Cybersafe is geared towards youth aged 10 – 16. It is an online course with a certificate at the end (which can be used as a Health & Career Sample). Students will watch videos, and do activities as well as learn about the dangers of the internet. They will learn about their digital footprint and online crime, including cyberbullying.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parents should have a look at the course first because there is a component of the course that discusses sexual predators and "sexting.

Terrace SportsPlex:

Here is a link to all of our programs including public skating and fitness:

Kamloops Art Gallery

Public programs offered by the Kamloops Art Gallery, some free!

Brave Writer

Click here for online newsletter with some upcoming opportunities.


Basketball opportunities in the Kelowna area.

Kelowna Minor Basketball

Okanagan Elite -

Junior Heat -

NBC - (summer camp hosted at Heritage Christian School)

Gini Basketball -

Free bowling program for kids

Parents are offered a $25 deal to allow up to 4 older family member to bowl for free with the kids. The parent offer is introduced after you sign up your children.

Royal BC Museum

Hershey's Track and Field Meets

Kids Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving experiences for the kids. PADI (professional association of dive instructors) and Scouts America have developed an experience for kids to experience what it would be like to Scuba Dive. The experience is held at a local swimming pool and lasts a couple hours. We provide all training and materials, all certified equipment needed to do this. For some it becomes a starter to full training courses, others just the satisfaction of the experience. However, for all a wonderful time.

We are also a certified and insured First Aid Training Center and would like to offer those services to your school program as well.

Information but also can be found on our web page

Youth Leadership Millennium (YLM) Program

The Youth Leadership Millennium (YLM) Program consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These correspond with the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – which is a big part of YLM – but we offer so much more.

Our aim is to empower young people to take on leadership roles both in life and in the community. Through the three levels of the program, we strive to guide them in exploring new opportunities and developing their leadership and life skills through experience.

The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Leadership Millennium program is a holistic leadership training program with 5 unique focuses:

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Awareness
  • Adventure Expedition, and
  • Community Leadership Initiative

New to YLM? The Bronze level is where you want to start!
Upon successful completion of the YLM Bronze program, youth participants will receive the following:

  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Leadership Millennium (YLM) Certificate
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award
  • Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program Certificate
  • St. John Ambulance‘s First Aid Certificate

Encounters with Canada

It sounds very interesting and is only for students aged 14-17, one week in Ottawa, every week, all year long.

Spend a week with Encounters with Canada - Canada's largest youth forum! Every week of the school year, 120 to 148 teens from across Canada (ages 14-17) come to Ottawa, where they discover their country through each other, learn about Canadian institutions, meet famous and accomplished Canadians, explore exciting career options, develop their civic leadership skills and live an extraordinary bilingual experience. Over 92,000 youth have lived the EWC experience, so far!

There was an article written in a previous HCOS newsletter.