Community Opportunities

This page is a central database of community opportunities that families might like to investigate. We are not endorsing these opportunities, but rather sharing information as to possible resources available. Thank you.

This year, at IF:2022 we are going to remind you that you don’t have to be afraid of the darkness because God has always been bigger than it!

He is bigger than the lies we hear, bigger than the walls that divide us, and bigger than the shadows that try to overcome us.

Let’s remind each other of this hope and then give it away to everyone we know! Do not miss the chance to join us at IF:2022 and sign up to join us today at

IF: White Rock will be hosted in-person & virtually. The organizers are following the recommendations from BC Health on gathering restrictions to determine how we will proceed. In-Person location will either be at Life Centre, 15138 Prospect Ave, White Rock OR at White Rock Christian Academy. Watching the conference live-stream from your home with a few friends is also an option. Registration is required for both options and is the same investment cost of $10 USD.

This conference is for any woman aged 13 plus! To encourage the next generation of women to lean in and learn, a ticket has been purchased on their behalf! If you know of any young lady between the ages of 13-18 that is interested in attending please reach out to angela.horbanuik@gmail or text Angela @ 519-440-9611 to let her know.

You can learn more about IF: Gathering by visiting

We can't wait to see you there!
IF: White Rock Team


Seattle Aquarium Ocean Career Series
Do you love the ocean and the amazing animals that call it home? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to turn that passion into a job or career? Join us for this free virtual series to learn about different careers and career paths in marine and ocean science.
Register now to receive a link for these webinars. Must be registered by January 24 to receive the link for our first webinar on January 25. Registration for the May 3 webinar closes on May 2. You will receive a link to both webinars when registered (if registering by January 24), and there is no need to register twice. 


Astronomy Resources offered by:
Friends of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Located at the National Research Council’s Dominion Astrophysical Observatory near Victoria, BC

ExoExplorations Lessons, Guides and Teacher Resources
● Unique and extensive set of lessons in astronomy, in both English and French. Developed for
Canadian classrooms from grade 6 to 10 but aspects of many activities can be adapted for other
grades. Can be used as background material, individual learning or classroom settings.
● Find out about planets both within our Solar System and Exoplanets beyond our Solar System
● Other topics include stars, the Milky Way, galaxies, and the universe
● Plenty of hand-on activities, links to videos, websites and other resources
● Questions and quiz materials
● Free on the website


ICanDance! Online Dance Classes 
Please consider our programs for Arts and/or P.E. credits: Ballet, Pop Fusion, Dance Chance! Sampler, All On Broadway! Sing & Dance and something NEW….CANpop Music Video Project. 

You can find our company information on our website: or on FB/IG: Facebook / Instagram 
Class course descriptions can be found here:
Book classes here:
We hope to see you soon!:)



Bateman Foundation: Nature Sketch
Victoria, Duncan, Vancouver and Online

Nature Sketch is designed to inspire appreciation of the natural world using a pencil and sketchbook. Every participant will have the opportunity to connect with nature in a variety of unique ecosystems through art, and learn about local flora and fauna and their habitats, including species at risk and the rewilding of urban habitats. With the guidance of a local artist and a naturalist, Nature Sketch encourages participants to explore natural environments through art and eco-literacy.

Details and fees can be seen at


Vancouver Aquarium- Virtual Aquaclass
The Virtual Aquaclass is an opportunity for students and families to connect live with the Vancouver Aquarium without having to leave the classroom or home.

Canadian Parents for French has some incredible (and free) opportunities for parents who are interested in resources, the annual public speaking contest and opportunities in French. 

Cybersafe BC

Cybersafe is geared towards youth aged 10 – 16. It is an online course with a certificate at the end (which can be used as a Health & Career Sample). Students will watch videos, and do activities as well as learn about the dangers of the internet. They will learn about their digital footprint and online crime, including cyberbullying.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parents should have a look at the course first because there is a component of the course that discusses sexual predators and "sexting".

Basketball opportunities in the Kelowna area.

Kelowna Minor Basketball Association



Free bowling program for kids

Parents are offered a $25 deal to allow up to 4 older family member to bowl for free with the kids. The parent offer is introduced after you sign up your children.

Royal BC Museum

Youth Leadership Millennium (YLM) Program

The Youth Leadership Millennium (YLM) Program consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These correspond with the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – which is a big part of YLM – but we offer so much more.

Our aim is to empower young people to take on leadership roles both in life and in the community. Through the three levels of the program, we strive to guide them in exploring new opportunities and developing their leadership and life skills through experience.

The S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Leadership Millennium program is a holistic leadership training program with 5 unique focuses:

  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Community Awareness
  • Adventure Expedition, and
  • Community Leadership Initiative

New to YLM? The Bronze level is where you want to start!
Upon successful completion of the YLM Bronze program, youth participants will receive the following:

  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Youth Leadership Millennium (YLM) Certificate
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award
  • Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program Certificate
  • St. John Ambulance‘s First Aid Certificate