Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! While priority does go to Heritage Students, unless a Learning Camp is specifically noted as Heritage Community only, students from General Community schools are welcome to join us.
Great to hear of your interest in our HCOS learning groups! As a registered homeschooler with HCOS you have access to all of our group learning events-such as learning camps- with both virtual and face to face opportunities throughout the province. These can be accessed via our website and the registration link associated with each event. In most cases HCOS homeschoolers are included in Heritage Community pricing, however, in some instances i.e. Community Connections and some Learning Camps, HCOS Registered Homeschoolers pay the same fee as General Community Students.

We require all staff and volunteers working with students to have a Criminal Record Check clearance letter on file with us prior to the event/class. This sometimes takes a bit of time after you contact us to proceed with the CRC. You can contact us at anytime to get this on file. Please download and fill in the CRC application letter below and send to Dawn as per the instructions.

Download the HCOS CRC Application Letter.

Learning Camps are single day or short term activities such as a fieldtrip or workshop. Community Connections are a half or full day opportunities once/ week throughout the school year. These multi-term classes are more of a campus style environment while maintaining a home education flavour. Co-ops are also multi-term events where parent participation is expected to facilitate the weekly classes.


Application to an HCOS community connections (CC) is a separate process than enrolling for the school. Application links to register become available starting in mid to late-May. First students currently enrolled in CC will have the opportunity to apply, then those in the waiting pool and then information will be posted here.

To find out when registration is open, DO sign up for 'e-alerts' and an email will be sent directly to your inbox as soon as application for new events opens. To facilitate approval of an application to CC, please have your child participate in a learning camp prior to application to a CC.

We have automatic emails that are send to the email address given in the online registration once submit is clicked.

If you did not receive the confirmation email, it could be that you entered your email incorrectly (in which case I get an undeliverable message), submit was not pressed to complete your registration, or perhaps the email was directed to your junk mail folder. If concerned, please contact

A confirmation email is automatically sent when submit is pressed on your application. Applications are reviewed manually, priority goes to Heritage students and where there are group challenges we wish to make sure a student is fully supported so as to participate successfully. All these points affect when the link for a Learning Camp may be closed as full. We appreciate your understanding.

Unlike a school that would have a student's emergency information on file and accessible, Learning Groups are run by many different coordinators in many areas throughout the province. In the case of an emergency, the coordinator needs to have information on hand should a situation arise and a parent cannot be easily found or contacted.

Payments & Fees

Heritage subsidizes their students through fee reductions and with the staff required to oversee and administer Learning Groups. General Community students are not subsidized by Heritage and therefore their cost for an event is higher to reflect the actual cost of an event.