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In Person

In person opportunities include Learning Camps, Community Connections (CC) and Community Connections Plus (CC+), providing in-person learning opportunities that range from one hour, half day, multiple weeks to all year long. A wide variety of subject areas and topics are explored such as dioramas, robotics, canoeing and writing workshops, or complete course offerings. Face to face offerings become available all throughout the year.

Virtual Opportunities

Virtual (online) opportunities include tours at Science Centres, book clubs, workshops and presentations. Our virtual event offerings are always expanding, and typically run over Zoom.


Learning Camps

Whether in person or virtual, Learning Camps are short term group opportunities that include single-day field trip experience such as skiing, hiking, aquariums, science centres, and short-term weekly classes such as writing workshops, presentations, canoeing, woodworking, etc.

Community Connections

Community Connections (CC) are in person learning opportunities that are typically one-half to one full day per week, usually between 12 and 24 weeks. At CC students participate in meaningful and hands-on activities in a class setting with a home-education flavour led by certified teachers with some community or parent instructors. Important: CCs do not cover all outcomes for courses. See CC+ for more information.

Community Connections+

Community Connections Plus (CC+) are in person learning opportunities that are one full day per week for 30 weeks where students collaborate in a class setting with a home-education flavour with a focus on meaningful and hands-on learning activities. CC+ classes are led by BC certified teachers fully responsible for covering all CC+ course outcomes.